Welcome to TransWave Photonics!

TransWave Photonics, located in Austin, TX, develops mid-infrared photonic integrated circuits and systems using our innovative integration technology.


Conventional mid-infrared systems are built based on an assembly of discrete components such as light sources, detectors, free space optics, moving mirrors, etc. As a result, such systems are invariably bulky, expensive, and inefficient. Our mission is to deliver miniaturized mid-infrared systems where all active and passive photonic components are monolithically integrated for unmatched size, weight, efficiency, reliability, and functionality.


Photonic systems that we develop, customize, or prototype find various applications including communications, integrated sensing, biomedicine, environmental monitoring, and defense and homeland security.

TransWave Photonics recently received a STTR Phase 2 award for development of monolithic mid-infrared beam steering systems, sponsored by Army Research Office.

If you are interested in our technology or working with us, please contact us!


8711 Burnet Rd. Ste. E55, Austin, TX 78757